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Health Journal

Thoraco-Lumbar Fascia and Low Back Pain

Muscles do not run simply from origin of one bone to insertion on another. All muscles function in chains, or slings, connecting to each other to form more powerful movers.  In fact, some muscles attach more to the next muscle in the chain, than they Read More

High Intensity Interval Training

Every year it seems there are new schemes on weight loss, designed to make losing weight and gaining strength easier, faster and more affordable.  You don’t have to watch much late night TV to see some of these gimmicks promising huge changes with Read More

My bout with Back Pain

Believe it or not, I had never really experienced anything beyond mild transient low back pain, just some mild dull muscle soreness on just a few occasions, and most often associated with general malaise, as in the flu.  I had always thought I trained Read More

Shoulder Pain

  Shoulder pain is  the most frequent extremity pain to walk into our office. It can have a variety of diagnosis’s that you may have heard of: Bursitis, Rotator Cuff Strains or tears, Bicipital Tendonitis, Impingement Syndrome, Adhesive Capsulitis Read More

Leg pain

People ask me questions about pain frequently; one that comes up more often is leg pain.  “What can you do about sciatica?” is a common one.  Well first of all, sciatica is a symptom, not a condition. It refers to irritation and pain along the sciatic Read More

Our Movement Oriented Brains And Aging

As we age, loss of optimal mental function takes various shapes, from mild to severe dementia, Alzheimer's or simple forgetfulness. Medical and herbal options for treatment are readily available but many physicians do not believe the FDA approved-drugs Read More

Branson Fight Club

These past few weeks I have been providing Chiropractic, rehabilitation, and soft tissue therapy to the Branson Fight Club, our local pro MMA fight team.  This week though, I began screening all the athletes using the Functional Movement Screen, to create Read More

Outcome Assesment Tools

Outcome Assessment forms such as an Oswestry, NDI, DASH, SPAD, LEFS or others are sometimes burdensome on patients in pain to fill out, especially on a first visit, but these forms help Chiropractors, Physical Therapist, Orthopedist or any other health Read More

Massage Therapy Gift Certificates Now Available!!

Advanced Spine and Joint Center, is happy to announce that we have Massage Therapy Gift Certificates available for the holiday's. Massage Therapy Fees: 15 Minute     $25 30 Minute      $40 45 Minute     $50 60 Minute     $60 90 Read More

Functional Movement Screen

The FMS, or Functional Movement Screen, is a new an innovative way of screening movement, in athletes and the general population alike and it is a great fit within our office model of Chiropractic, Rehabilitation, and Performance..  The FMS will evaluate Read More / © 2011 advanced Spine & Joint Center / Website Design by Marissa Makes