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Auto Accidents

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident (MVA) and you are suffering from whiplash or other complaints, the following may be of  help to you.

1. Seek treatment as soon as possible!  Delays in treatment often equal delays in recovery.  Even minor complaints warrant a full investigation, as these could be exacerbated later on, after your case has been closed. We typically can provide same day appointments for all MVA cases.  We can handle all aspects of billing your insurance or working with your attorney.

2. Contact your insurance company to report the accident. Most policies have Med-Pay coverage, which is a medical policy that takes over if you’ve sustained an injury due to an accident. This policy will cover up to 100% of your medical bills to a certain limit depending on your policy. (Our staff is happy to contact your insurance company to determine the specifications of your policy, and in the event that you are not covered, your initial exam and treatment will not be billed.)

3. Never settle with an insurance company prior to a medical evaluation. You can get a professional medical evaluation at our office to assess your injury, and no charge will be submitted to you. Never settle your case before your treatment is complete. If you settle before your injury is fully resolved, you may be left on your for responsible of your medical bills.

4. Studies show that there is a poor correlation between property damage and injury.   Even in minor accidents, as little as 5 MPH, the rapid change in velocity cause forces to transfer through the car to the occupants.  The position of the driver and head rest are critical.  A low head rest, a driver peering forwards further away from the head rest, or with the head turned can cause the motion of the head to be greater, increasing the potential of injury.  Your auto insurance may say things like “with minimal property damage there is less injury” but the science of that is incorrect.  We are prepared to fight for your rights to treatment.

5.  Select a provider experienced in the treatment and management of MVA injuries.  Whiplash injuries should be treated with an appropriate combination of manipulation (chiropractic adjustment), soft tissue release (Graston, ART), rehabilitation and acupuncture or dry needling.  Needling techniques are particularly effective at pain relief, but the personalized combination is what the medical literature confirms is best.  Documentation matters.  Dr. Vahldick, has years of experience working in a clinic that dealt entirely in personal injury (MVA) cases, and performing Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs) in Missouri.  Performing IME’s entails examining the patient, and reviewing their medical records, generally from other chiropractors, and most of these charts are terrible.  Documenting the injury and documenting improvement, while working towards a resolution is what demonstrates medical necessity, without it your case might be dismissed.  We have never had an issue with our documentation.

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